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i just want to know witch one like love me and my oics or just like them so if you like me or my pics please donate
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hi! i'm bloodypink :3
i love cute stuff but also creepy and horror stuff and bloody things X).
i love alot of things and that can means that i can do alot of diffrent things. i love the show srmthfg so i draw most of my oc or fanpics from that show. but i also draw mlp, psycho pics, manga, anime, monsters (not that often but i do ) and of corse maybe cute and maybe funny ideas like just pop up in my mind. i havent find my stile pretty jet but i working on it :3. i also can do gifts and take requests but i'm pretty much busy sometimes so maybe not that often.
i love to create new oc's and designs so that can u see also :3. hope u will enjoin it :3

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in the city the last few days had much happen, the robot monkeys, a mistery new enimie named the vampire blade and even bent promised help my the hyperforce, even the fact that they first attacked her.
they have precisley moved into the super robot, a moon night and went to rest but that the fact that ima slept on one of the chairs with just a quilt and a soft pillow. all the night did she not sleep as well, she just thinked on that one named blade and what he meant?, what he wanted? and why had she not see him before then now?. she hoped to get some explains as soon as possible, and get some more answears aboute where her family are.
it was dusk in shuggazoom city and the birds song was now able to hear from outside. ima had just sleep a small time in the night but she woke up buy the bird song as she looked around
ima: aha it wasn't a dream.....
she was self in the room as she sat up at the chair and looked around. then sunddely do the doors oppen and she get fast up and prepear for defence, but out from the door come chiro and otto and she became a bit calmer
chiro: morning ima have u sleep well?
she looked down a bit
ima: not as well, but a bit.......where is the others?
she moved head up a bit
otto: they are still sleeping or training
chiro: today is a big day
ima: whats so very specal with it?
chiro: becuse today we will probably learn  more about each other
he smiled as he looked at ima. but she just turned ahead and was low in the face and voice
ima: have happen much and-
antauri: and u need to get all pieces on the places
ima turned at the place there the voice come from and saw antauri in the oppening to the super robot.
ima: oh antauri right?.......u stod there all the time and spying?
antauri: i wouldnt call it spying but-
ima just turned her head from him
ima: dosent matter.....if ya excuse me i got things to do
she began walking away without eny possible eye contact. the while chiro,otto and antauri stayed at the same place, watching her move away till she had come out from the door.
otto: what was that all about? 
he looking confussed at chiro and antauri.
chiro: i guess we can't blame her, it must have happen much for her.......just wonder why and what....
antauri: probably something she dosent want us to know.....and though have it happen alot of things this few days. i guess shes just trying to take it all in........
chiro and otto looking at antauri like he had a point of what he was saying, they watch one last moment at the place ima had leave them then they just walk of.
otto: but by the last little fight with thoes new guys if ya know what i mean, would we maybe look a bit after her?
chiro: she's big i'm sure she can defend herself, but if she need help we get there 
antauri: but it seems that she wont even try call us if she does so?
otto: we keep an small eye on her?
chiro: we dont know her much or good, just that a robot girl monkey just appear and spying on us like she did she maybe had reassons, so yea we will keep an small eye on her, just to be on the save side.
the while ima was walking around on the city streets with her cape on so she wouldn't get seen or attraction to other people. 
she looking around as her stomach sound
ima: awwwww great now i'm hungry, i dont have eny money...but hmmmmm...
she was looking around in the city as saw the hyperforce on some places
ima: but it seems that the monkey team is some popular here.....maybe i no no thats wrong, not a good start at all..
he stomach began to sounds louder, she get her hand on her stomach
ima: but i'm so hungryyyyyyyy.....
she sat down near the mr gackslappers hamburger van as smelled the food andjust bent hungryer and hungryer
ima: but maybe just one wont hurt i time and that's all
she looking around as then ran into an alley, then with some moves on her body she transformed into sprx, like a copy, she even got his voice to sound more simular.
ima/sprx: ok i maybe dont know much aboute sprx or how he act but i guess they dosent know it that much eather if i get lucky
she peek her head out as then move carefully out as had got her cape away, she got close attention witch made her very nervus think "it maybe wasn't my best idea". she kept moving to the van to get food, in hope no one would realize she wasn't the real sprx. to make it more realistic she waved to the people like was paying her attention then kept moving to the van and when she was there she smellt the scent of the hamburgers as her somach sounds on more time.
mr gackslapper: oh one of the monkey team, is there enything i can do for ya?
she was pretty nervus at the begining, wondering what she would say till her stomach sounds again
mr gackslapper: i guess u are hungry huh? 
she just nobbed as was a bit sweated felt it was a bit wrong
mr gackslapper: if u whait here i think i can fix ya something 
he moved away and it didnt take long time till he got back with one hamburger in a bag
mr gackslapper: here ya go, we offer it, see it like a thanks for saving this city from skeleton king
she toke the hamburger, said thanks fast then sat down at a tabble, toke up the hamburger and began to eat it as the hunger disepeard slowly.  sunddely she stop when she hear a noise from behind that sounds familar, her heart began to bump hard as she slowly turn head to her back. it was chiro and the monkey team. they just stod there looking at her with angry eyes, and specaly sprx like she knew he probably would shout out in the air what she was doing but he didnt, he just stand there more red in the face then normaly.
she gave a nervus smile as small nervus giggled like didnt know what to do, not even move a bit, but the sweat ran down imas face like a waterfall.
chiro: ok i think we need to talk a bit
sprx: even though u choosed to be a coolest isnt it cool to copy for free food
it was clear that in theyre tones they was really mad witch made her feel more horrible. so she did come with them without fight or enything like was against them, she just transformed back easily as fast put her cape back.
back at the super robot did ima sat in a chair with all in the hyperforce at her, she just couldn't look them in the eyes becuse was in shame to much
chiro: ima what where u thinking? do u take others identity to get free food now?
ima still didnt wanted to face them
ima: .......i.....i didnt want to....not at first
gibson: what made u think again then? not becuse i think of getting food is a so big deal but so u dosent change form to us and do something even worse.
ima: ......i was just hungry..... i havent a long time, or atleast eatable stuff.
antauri: u dont need to walk around or live alone enymore ima, if your hungry then say it. its simple
ima stand right up ready to shout out at him 
the hyperforce bent suprised by the sunddely acting
ima: it's......not simple......
a tear felt from her cheek as nova rise up moving at ima, as then stay right infront of her in a few sekunds then she hug ima, she bent suprised and confussed at first but then slowly hug nova back.
nova: u dosent trust us that much huh?
ima looking up at her and nobbed slowly
otto: why? is it something we have done?
ima shaked her head slowly.
ima: it's not you......its what have happen to me the last few my life have horrible things happen and....and...
chiro: you dont want it to repeat itself again?
she nobbing slowly as she wip her tears away from her eyes
ima: specaly from humans.....
she glarce worrying at chiro, as then saw otto move at her also.
otto: awwwww don't worry, we are the good guys
he was rubbing her back with a smile for a try to calm her down and make her feel more comefortable 
ima: maybe......but its not the first time i meet so called "heros" witch.........well....turn my side to get-
gibson: u dont need to say more, we just want you to get that u was doing was wrong and that u just can say if your hungry or enything like that
ima: i know, i knew from the begining and i promise i will never do that again.....may i ask u whos skeleton king? i have heard that name plenty of times...u was saving this city from him i think u said
the hyperforce look at each other then back at ima
antauri: chiro she have to know about him she will probably stay here for a while and probably must be prepeard for the worst
chiro: you are right antauri,
chiro began to tell ima what skeleton king had done to the city and his plans to take over it with his monster army with formless but even that he always make evil plans to get rid of all in his way, but even much that they didnt even know what he was planing or where he was hiding his fortress.
the while at skeleton kings fortress he was looking in his scepter when chiro and the other monkeys where talking to ima as zooming in to ima
skeleton king: more?.......ONE MORE?! like not 5 monkeys was enough for destroying my plans
he hit his scepter in the ground making some of his formless be destroyed for a try to calm his nervs. then he looking back at his scepter as though evil chuckle
skeleton king: but though dosen't our new little monkey trust at her new so called "friends" witch i can have much use for....
he began to evil chuckle out in the fortress so the echo spread out in the whole fortress, witch mean he had a new plan that probably would change the sittuation and sight totaly for both the hyperforce and they're new little "friend"

a new chance to a smile part 1
hi :3

the next part of my oc imas history through the srmthfg.

this is more like a begining, get to know and some few things but in next part more things will happen, sorry it toke awhile for this one to show up, i was a bit afraid that i would be not that interessting to read so i mixed it up a bit but i hope u like it :3

i would be really glad if u would read the other parts of my srmghpg story that u can find here in the folder named "story and whritings" if u have eny thoughts then u can whrite a comment :33
b-gift for the-angel-D: SK's big step by BloodyPink-M
b-gift for the-angel-D: SK's big step
hi :3

i want to say happy B-day to my BFFIU :iconholaplz::iconheartballoonplz::iconthe-angel-d::iconheartballoonplz::iconholaplz:

i know that she love SK and d together and also SK so i thought this would make her expload XD

i really hope u will like the pic and that my friend will have a wonderful B-day :3 :iconfurubacanine:
konbanwa mina chaaaan! :3

from my friend  :iconthe-angel-d:


For each of the first 20 comments, I will post your Avatar and 5 pieces of art that I like the most from your gallery :3

This isn't a free feature! The point of this journal, is to spread art. So, if you're featured, you must make a journal like this and put the tagger in the first spot.

Skeleton King vs Antauri by The-Angel-D D with Cole by The-Angel-D :BG: Angel fly through night by The-Angel-D Cole the Skeleton Prince by The-Angel-D Colored doodles on New Year by The-Angel-D ( hard choice XD and these are not in order )


Mega Charizard X's Flamethrower by EilganReviewz Edosa (Ratchet and Clank villian OC) by EilganReviewz Happy Easter!!! Part One by EilganReviewz MONKEY CATS!!!! by EilganReviewz Karoshi Okaruma (Father of Keshi / Sketch) by EilganReviewz ( hehehehe they are not in order)

RQ the-angel-D: SK vs antauri by BloodyPink-M
RQ the-angel-D: SK vs antauri
hi :3

yes this was an request by my best friend :iconthe-angel-d:.

she made the sketch herself as then after she wanted me to work on, she also wanted to test it out herself so she made her own with the same sketch and i will leave a link to her pic down bellow so u can see it yourself :3

<da:thumb id="485122341">

i hope u will like it :3
Srmthfg 10 years anniversary: hyperforce GO! by BloodyPink-M
Srmthfg 10 years anniversary: hyperforce GO!
hi :3

yes yes i know this pic is very late but i have had alot in school in the last week so i didnt get that much time to work. but i finally got done :3

theyre real B-day is 18th of september but i hope its no worries :3

it was awhile since i drew robot monkeys as well so when i began again it didnt work out that good but i got it back :3
also if ya look up in the corner u see a little logo witch is one i have been working on :3. still dosent know if i should go with watermark so i just testing it in this one, also sorry that SK couldnt be in thepic but it would have been to much trubble and not that much space as i'm maybe used to do that often. 

love ya srmthfg and will always do :3 <3


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konbanwa mina chaaaan! :3

from my friend  :iconthe-angel-d:


For each of the first 20 comments, I will post your Avatar and 5 pieces of art that I like the most from your gallery :3

This isn't a free feature! The point of this journal, is to spread art. So, if you're featured, you must make a journal like this and put the tagger in the first spot.

Skeleton King vs Antauri by The-Angel-D D with Cole by The-Angel-D :BG: Angel fly through night by The-Angel-D Cole the Skeleton Prince by The-Angel-D Colored doodles on New Year by The-Angel-D ( hard choice XD and these are not in order )


Mega Charizard X's Flamethrower by EilganReviewz Edosa (Ratchet and Clank villian OC) by EilganReviewz Happy Easter!!! Part One by EilganReviewz MONKEY CATS!!!! by EilganReviewz Karoshi Okaruma (Father of Keshi / Sketch) by EilganReviewz ( hehehehe they are not in order)

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